Past Events

Turkish Coffee Night
This event is to make you experience Turkish culture with a memorable taste of Turkish coffee. Turkish coffee has been a name for warm and affable environment in which this unique drink should be enjoyed. It is renowned for its significant role in creating and cultivating bonds of friendship. “ A cup of coffee is remembered for forty years” as an old Turkish saying holds. Therefore, sharing a cup of coffee is considered to create an unspoken commitment to a lifetime friendship.

Visiting Elders & Visiting Leaders
We all have lots to learn from our elders. Our Elders are “lifelong learners”, we have lots to learn from them such as traditions, humanity, courage, love and compassion. Hence, the center as a sign of respect and gratitude makes several visits to the elders that live within our communities.
While elders are vital source of learning of humanity, our leaders are vital for our current well being and future generations with their activities in their own fields be it politics, research etc. Hence, the center sees it is important that we know our leaders and they know us in order to create mutual understanding.