Year End Message

Throughout 2019 Burc Intercultural Center (BIC), continued to live and thrive in a truly multicultural society. Since 2006 the center has been working to promote multiculturalism, diversity and tolerance among different cultural groups. The events and programs sole objective has been to achieve BIC’s goal as stated in its mission and vision statements. In line with its vision and mission, BIC has undertaken activities throughout the year focused on raising cross cultural awareness, diversity and multiculturalism in Calgary.

2019 marked another year of success and accomplishment not only for us but also for all our loyal volunteers and the society at large. Our dedicated volunteers and executives constantly looked for creative and constructive way of spending every single penny of donations and grants to organize events and functions. As such BIC continued to implements all its annual projects and adding new ones to the list. Some of the programs scaled down due to other priorities, time constraints and financial difficulties. Nonetheless, BIC takes pride to announce the successful completion of 12th Calgary Turkish Festival with the participation of the Premier of Alberta Jason Kenney. In addition, it has effectively commenced its weekend school program in 2019 under the name of “boys & girls club”. Alberta Culture days event with the participation of 12 different ethnic communities was another access story.

Many stories what makes BIC achieve its goals are mainly untold. The sacrifices of its dedicated volunteers and their commitment are the main causes of what makes BIC a credible, trustworthy and successful NGO. BIC’s volunteers did not only commit their valuable time and knowledge but also contributed financially when there were financial short fallings. Therefore, BIC is much obliged for their dedication and sacrifices. The center also highly appreciates the contribution and support of all the local businesses and public funding organizations. The center hopes to see the same level of dedication and spirit from its contributors in the years to come.

As an non-profit organization, BIC has shown it can execute small or large scale projects, gained the credibility and trust in the communities it has operated in. As members of executive committee, we believe that the centers events have resulted in change and positive impact towards achieving the dream of multicultural and a peaceful society. We are inviting all the readers, volunteers and partners to embrace multiculturalism and wish you all a happy and prosperous future.

The Executive Committee.